Potty Training Your Piglet


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 Potty Training Your Piglet

1.  You can easily potty train your pig by following these simple steps. Confine your piglet to a large crate, small room or other small area in your home. Until it's older and completely potty trained, which is usually around six months, don't let it roam freely.

 2.  Set up your pig's area with a bed, food and water bowls, and a litter box. The litter box should be as far away from the bed and bowls as possible, as pigs are clean animals and don't like to do their business where they sleep and eat. When cleaning the littler box, do not remove everything. Leave a few droppings behind so the pig remembers that it's supposed to eliminate in the litter box.

3.  Take your micro mini pig to the litter box every hour or two and remind it to "go potty." If you have a piglet, take it to the litter box after meals and naps especially. But never wake your piglet up from a nap; always wait for it to be awake and alert.

4.  Praise your Teacup pig every time it eliminates in the litter box. Never offer treats, as it takes the focus away from the pig's doing what comes naturally.

5.  Take your Teacup pig outside and instruct it to "go potty" once it is fully litter trained. Most  pigs have no problem transitioning from the litter box to outside, and when they no longer use the litter box you can remove it.

Playpen set up for potty training

Place two large plastic tubs in the bottom of a playpen. Fill one with litter and put blankets in the other. Keep your small baby piglet in the playpen and he will keep his bedding clean and use the littler box. Take him out to play and eat. Be sure to leave him in the playpen after meals and after naps.  This is also a safe place for the piglet to stay when you are not with him. When he is 3-4 months old he will be able to "hold it" all night and you can start letting him go outside if you prefer. 

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